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Welcome to our travel blog! We aren’t 22 year old models who take selfies in the Maldives. We already went to college. A lot. We have already “found ourselves.” Multiple times. We do embarrassing yoga, we make art, we cook our own food and our travel style is anything from low budget mission trip to Condé Nast Top Ten. We give honest advice based on experience, not on who is comping us a room so feel free to contact us!

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Spain for the Twentieth Time

We Saved the Best For Last and Almost Didn’t Leave

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Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweep Give Workaway Another Try

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Morocco, Part Three

Chefchaouen and Fes - The Blue and the Gray

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Morocco, Part Two

Essaouira and Meknes - A Tale of Two Cities Fewer People Visit

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Morocco, Part One

Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech - Three Distinct Characters

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Going to Israel

And You Thought Phyllo Dough Had Layers

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Three Sisters

In Recognition of the Finest Women on the Planet

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A Road Trip Through Jordan

It's Not Just For Bedouins Anymore

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Beautiful Bulgaria

And We Were Told it Would Be Like Belgium

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The Republic of Ireland

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Border - Ireland, Pt. 2

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Hügelfest: The Feast of the Hill

And I’m Stuck in the Middle With You

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Northern Ireland

Winter is Coming and the Living is Easy - Ireland Pt. 1

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About Me

So, there are a couple of things I don’t like about most travel blogs. They try to be experts on everything instead of sticking to one thing or two things that they really know. They are full of super young, healthy people without a care in the world. They feature the same places over and over. We are trying to avoid that here. We are both over fifty. We are both career educators and we saved up money to do this year of travel between jobs. This is something that in the teaching profession used to be called a sabbatical. But no one takes sabbaticals anymore. Well, we do. Sabbatical comes from the word sabbath, or day of rest. No one does that much anymore either. Maybe we should. Regardless, we are taking a year away from our regular lives because we are both avid travelers and there are places in which we wish we had spent more time and gone deeper. We have often traveled with scads of students and we have both done semesters abroad and volunteering trips.

We are also taking this year because so many people our age have fallen into that “Should Trap” of kids, cars, mortgages, two living rooms, tons of internet, Netflix, dogs, entertaining, cruises, motorhomes... not that these things are bad or humdrum or wrong in any way, but it becomes a formula that is self-perpetuating and kind of...finite. We aren’t parents. We would be terrible dog owners. Netflix gets old. We resigned from our teaching jobs (which was really heart-wrenching) and we hit the road - almost 4,000 miles of road from Canada to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where our gracious family had agreed to store our stuff. (Check our our post on driving the ALCAN or Cassiar HWY.) To do a year of travel, you may consider doing a year of getting rid of all your stuff first. Ultimately, we felt like we had another shot at seeing the world and learning and changing our priorities and so we took it. Of course, there were many factors in our decision that we will get into in other posts but this is just the “about us” section... so... hope you enjoy it.
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